Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why You Need The Plantronics HW251N Noise-Canceling Corded Headset?

Call center and IT companies invest a lot on technology and tools that come handy for them such as dialers, call center software and headsets. In this article we focus on the latter including a product that can be considered as groundbreaking in terms of features and performance. I am referring to the Plantronics HW251N noise-cancelling corded headset. Even though this product is not really the first of its kind given that some other companies have already launched noise-canceling headsets before, the Plantronics HW251N is arguably the best headset out there most especially if you are going to use the headset for a call center/IT environment.

The Pros and Cons

The Plantronics HW251N noise-cancelling wired headset is a binaural headset which means it has speakers on both earpiece that is made perfect for use even when in a noisy environment. Both speakers get the user isolated from all the noise and sounds that aren’t passing through the headphones. The noise-cancelling feature on this headset can be considered elite compared to previous noise-cancelling headsets launched before this product. In a product review video I’ve seen on Youtube about Plantronics HW251N, the sound that can be heard right through this headset model was recorded with evident noise in the background and played for everyone to hear. The noise wasn’t totally eliminated but it is clearly suppressed to a minimum. I also tried listening to the audio coming out of the Plantronics HW251N along with the noise in the background and it is also clear that the voice speaking n the microphones is automatically isolated from the background noise.

Another excellent advantage is the clarity of the sample conversation and the assurance that there would be no broken lines since this product is corded. Unlike wireless headsets, there is a very minimal chance that conversations over the headset get cut due to signal loss. When it comes to the durability of the headset, the entire thing is made of hard plastic that it can be expected to survive a few crashes and drops. However, if the impact is too strong for the headset to handle then you should not expect the headset to be 100% fine after the collision. As long as you take good care of this headset then the durability should no longer be an issue.

The fact that the Plantronics HW251N is a wired headset is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Yes you can expect uninterrupted signals due to the fact that it is corded but you will also suffer from being tied to the laptop or computer when using this headset. Unlike wireless headsets wherein you can get to enjoy mobility even when using the headset, the Plantronics HW251N keeps you tied to the computer when using it. The lack of mobility makes it impossible for you to multitask most especially with tasks that aren’t done on a computer. However, if your work requires you to be in front of the computer all the time then this disadvantage becomes irrelevant.

The Verdict

The Plantronics HW251N noise-canceling corded headset is a must-have for anyone working in the call center and IT industry. If your work requires the need to have clear and stable conversation over the computer then this product should be perfect for you. Even though it comes with its own set of pros and cons, the features and advantages heavily outweigh the disadvantages of this headset model. Also, the price that you are going to pay for this product is also very justifiable and fair. In fact, I could even say that you are getting more than your money’s worth with this purchase. The Plantronics HW251N noise-cancelling corded headset cannot be considered as the perfect headset yet but for now it is simply the best that we can take advantage of until a new model with much better noise-cancelling technology is out in the market.

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